Custom Magazine Blocking Service

At Country-Spirit we offer custom mag blocking. If you have a mag that you need modified to limit it's capacity for whatever reason you can email us the details and we can give you a quote on how much it will be and how long it will take us.

Please include the information below when contacting us.


  1. Brand of Magazine                                  ____________
  2. Orginal Capacity                                     ____________
  3. Capacity Desired                                     ____________
  4. Material ie Steel, Alumunium, or Plastic   ____________

*NOTE Any mag sent to us that cannot be limited to the legal capicity required by certian states will not be sent back!

Normal prices are $5-$15 per mag plus return shipping. This can vary depending on the quantity and type of mag.

If there is a magazine you are wanting but do not see it in our store please Contact Us to find out if it's something we can get for you.